Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Daily Painters to the Trade - Newest Member of the New Mexico Film Resource Directory at!

We'd like to welcome Daily Painters to the Trade to the New Mexico Film Resource Directory on!

Once in a while you come across a special niche business for the film industry, and its and honor and pleasure to tell everyone about it. Jacqueline Butler runs a company called Daily Painters to the Trade - an alliance of amazing artists who are able to provide specialty artwork and specialty art props to New Mexico film productions within strict time frames.

Jacqueline can work with productions to provide existing artwork for set, or to have custom work done from a selection of 20 New Mexico-based painters. Jacqueline is an art consultant, art instructor, and experienced interior designer (ASID) who works frequently with architectural projects to help develop design themes and provide art pieces that can act as the catalyst for the entire project.

She is available for consultations, and to help guide you to her select group of artists who can provide a wide array of styles and content to match your production needs. And, nicest of all, Jacqueline is a renowned art instructor who welcomes short or long-term students to her beautiful studio out in the country just east of Santa Fe. The setting is amazing!

Jacqueline Bulter
Daily Painters to the Trade/Daily Painters New