Wednesday, October 1, 2008

New Mexico Film Expo! This Weekend!

The Santa Fe Film Festival will stage its 3rd Annual New Mexico Film Expo Thursday, October 2 through Sunday, October 5 at the New Mexico Film Museum at the Jean Cocteau, with continued screenings on Monday, October 6 at the Film Center at Cinemacafe. For info, visit their site.

As a presentation of the Santa Fe Film Festival, the New Mexico Film Expo launches the SFFF´s efforts to stage New Mexico films, panels, and workshops year-round, as a companion to our year-round cinema. We are starting a program October 6th, to continue the first Monday of each month, to highlight New Mexico film with screenings of films selected to inspire audience feedback. We also plan, in 2009, to stage panels and workshops for New Mexico filmmakers, in conjunction with the Film Office, the Film Museum, and other organizations which share our mission to promote and support New Mexico Film.

During the NM Film Expo, audience reactions and constructive feedback are encouraged. One of the goals of this expo is to strengthen our sense of a community of New Mexico filmmakers working together to make great films and share them with one another. This Expo offers us all a chance to share our work, get feedback and to network and meet one another and find lifelong working partners and friends.

Tickets are $5 for each screening, available at the door. A ticket stub gets you free admittance to both panels and all parties.

Over 110 films will be shown in total. A panel of esteemed jurors will make recommendations for select films to be shown at the Ninth Annual Santa Fe Film Festival, December 3 to 7. Selections will also be based on Audience Choice culled from a ballot where patrons select top three choices in various genres.