Monday, November 10, 2008

Ahern Production and Construction Rentals for the New Mexico Film Industry

One of the foremost reasons New Mexico continues to do so well in attracting films is the easy access to, and quality of, our production infrastructure.

Items procured and services provided in state keep production costs down, increase ease of flow of the shoot, and keeps dollars in-state. Knowing that a production can have everything they need with one phone call and a quick turn-around is a big reason New Mexico is a favored film destination. Michgan may offer a 42% rebate, but it does little good when you have to truck your production gear half way across the country.

The goal of is to highlight and advertise the individuals and companies who make our industry tick. One of the backbone services for the New Mexico Film Industry are construction and on-set production equipment rentals, and we're especially honored to have Jack Smith and Ahern Rentals in our New Mexico Film Directory on

If you've spent any time on a set in New Mexico, you've probably been lit or moved, hoisted or hauled by a piece of Ahern Rental equipment.

Ahern is New Mexico's leading provider of industrial strength production rental and construction gear, serving nearly all of the major productions that have been shot in New Mexico, including T4 Salvation, Game, Crazy Heart, My One and Only, Transformers Revenge, Brothers, Observe and Report, Breaking Bad, Swing Vote, Kid Nation, and the list goes on.

Their inventory includes gators, generators, light towers, water trucks, scissor lifts, Black Booms 30'-150', augers, compressors, excavators, fans, forklifts, pallet jacks, graders, saws -- everything you'd need for set construction, and daily needs for the set itself.

Jack Smith is the main point of contact/dedicated film industry rep.

See their production resume, and photos of some of their gear:
Ahern Rentals - Production and Construction Equipment for the New Mexico Film Industry
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