Wednesday, November 26, 2008

New Addition to the New Mexico Locations Database on - The Embudo Gas Station and Museum of Classical Gas would like to introduce you to one of the more unique NM film locations we've seen. The Embudo Gas Station in Embudo, New Mexico, is known throughout the state for its old-time, vintage appeal. This location has been used in several print media projects, and its hundreds of vintage props have been utilized in many New Mexico productions, including "Believe in Me", "Wild Hogs", "No Country For Old Men" and "Legion".

The Embudo gas station features other rural, classic era motifs such as an old-fashioned gas pump island, a covered porch, and rough cut lumber siding. The branding for the gas is flexible (Texaco, Mobile, and other obsolete brands). There are other peripheral props, including vintage cars.

This set location is about 40 miles north of Santa Fe and nestled amongst the juniper covered mountains with the mighty Rio Grande river just across the street. Truly a location rich in history, beauty, and versatility!

1819 Highway 68
Embudo, NM, 87531