Saturday, November 15, 2008

Chuck Noon Offers Wide Ranging Skills and Experience for Photography and Video

We here at want to give a quick shout out and introduction to one of the crew members of the New Mexico Film Directory, Chuck Noon.

Chuck Noon is a man who has many years experience in the film industry and has been involved with vast array of projects that range from underwater photography to recording and editing training material for law enforcement agencies throughout the state of California. He also spent several years as a Captain/Film Producer in the US Airforce where he wrote, produced, directed, crewed, and edited aviation historical, public relations, and internal information films under the supervision of the Secretary of the Air Force, Public Affairs. Chuck is adept at video and photo editing on several different systems, which are skills for someone to have if they are looking to get involved with New Mexico's ever-growing film industry.

Chuck is a certified scuba diver and has 20 years experience in sailing 24 to 38 foot long boats. These skills would make him a great asset to anyone filming on any lake locations in New Mexico. He is currently living with his wife on a beautiful piece of forested land in Tijeras and is able to pass any background checks for all levels.

Feel free to contact him at 505-890-7770, or email him at Or just visit his profile at