Thursday, November 6, 2008

Welcome Albuquerque Massage Therpapists Hands on Hollywood to the New Mexico Film Directory on

We'd like to welcome the newest members of the New Mexico Film Directory on - Hands on Hollywood Massage Therapy, in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

After a week of 18 hour days on set, a therapeutic massage certainly helps relax and restore anyone's body and mind. That's why we are thrilled to welcome Robert Legere of Hands on Hollywood to

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, physical problems result from blockages in the flow of energy or “chi” in the body.

Robert is proud to use special techniques to release these blockages, helping eliminate the causes of pain and discomfort. Over the past 9 years, Robert has worked as a Celebrity Masseur with numerous Hollywood Celebrities who have enjoyed not only his services but the confidence he provide in terms of privacy and respect.

Robert is available to come on location, to your hotel, your home, or you're welcome to visit his own convenient Albuquerque location.

Robert Legere, Hands on Hollywood