Monday, December 22, 2008

New Member Update for 12.22

We'd like to welcome today's new members to the New Mexico Film Directory on
  • B&B Production Services - One of New Mexico's leading production vehicle and generator rental companies. If you've worked on a New Mexico Film, you've been lit or powered by these guys
  • Steve Aguino - Assistant Locations Manager and all around great guy
  • Unity Medical Clinic of Santa Fe - health care for visiting film professinals (and local residents, too)
  • Art Delivery Service - These guys work with props departments to ship and receive valuable works of art. And also to work with long term home renters in NM to ship and receive their artwork
  • David Sandoval, Attorney, of Cascutt, Friedman, and Hayes in Santa Fe.
  • Jay Goodman and Associates, Attorneys at Law
  • Denise Beale - Production Coordinator
  • Susan Harris - Realtor, Locations Consultant, Furnished Rentals Specialist. 25 years experience in Santa Fe
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