Friday, December 26, 2008

New Mexico Filmmakers Instensive Closes Its Doors

We'd like to pass on the information that the New Mexico Filmmakers Intensive is
closing its doors. Here's a letter from Diane Perrin, Director of the Intensive. . .

As you may know, the CSF Board of Trustees has committed to funding the
college through the Spring semester 2009. However, in light of the fact
that the NMFI runs from January through August, we are unable to provide our
students with the assurance that they will be able to complete this year’s
program. It is, therefore, with great sadness that we must announce the
Board has decided to cancel the NMFI 2009.

The NMFI was launched in 2007 by the Moving Image Arts department at the
College of Santa with a $1 million grant from the State of New Mexico and a
mission to support the state’s film industry initiatives by cultivating
above-the-line talent in New Mexico. The NMFI offers an immersion in four
key creative areas of filmmaking: Screenwriting, Directing, Producing and
Editing through hands-on experience and a comprehensive curriculum designed
to foster the development of an artist’s unique vision and the means to
deliver it.

In its two years of operation, the New Mexico Filmmakers Intensive has
provided opportunities for specialized above-the-line training to 58
students. NMFI students completed over 40 short and feature length
screenplays and produced 13 short films with cast & crew that included the
participation of over 300 individuals and close to 200 local New Mexican
businesses and organizations.

NMFI shorts have collectively been selected to participate in over 40
regional, national and international festivals and been awarded the
Humanitarian Award at the Sedona International Film Festival, Best Short
Film at the Sonoma Film Festival and Best Short Script at the Rhode Island
International Film Festival.

In addition, since completing the program, NMFI graduates have:

· Written, Directed, Produced and/or Edited 10 additional short films;

· Received a 2008 New Visions/New Mexico Contract Award of $10,000 from the
State and the Panavision Award ($10,000 of in-kind Panavision equipment);

· Collectively worked in various capacities on over 50 professional
independent and Hollywood feature films in New Mexico and elsewhere.

The success of the New Mexico Filmmakers Intensive has been a community
effort. For me, the program has brought both professional and personal
reward. My heartfelt thanks to everyone for their support of the program and
in particular to MOV Chair, Jonathan Wacks, whose vision for the future of
New Mexico’s film industry including a growing contingent of “homegrown”
filmmakers, is vivid, inspiring and real.

Diane Schneier Perrin
College of Santa Fe