Monday, December 29, 2008

Welcome B&B Production Rentals to

We're thrilled to welcome Harold Woods and B&B Production Rentals to the New Mexico Film Directory on If you've spent any time on a set in New Mexico, you've been powered, lit, warmed, "wardrobed" or had your gear moved by one of their production rentals. They're one of the leading production rental companies in New Mexico and have worked on nearly every major feature made in state.

Their roster of equipment includes: Single and double plant trucks; stakebed trucks, tractors and wardrobe trailers. They have 3 trucks with twin generators, 7 tractors with single plant generators. Their equipment is meticulously maintained and professionally managed. We've seen these guys on set dozens of times, and the eqipment is always spit-shine clean and shiny.

B&B Production Services
(818) 266-8143
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