Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Welcome New Mexico Set Teacher Emily Lipson-Zambello to! would like to introduce you to another one of the members of our New Mexico Film Directory, Emily Lipson-Zambello.

Emily specializes as a set/studio teacher and has been teaching in the public school systems on and off since the late 1970s. Emily has taught a variety of subjects like art, music, math and science. She also is a licensed masseuse and has been doing massage onset for many years.

Emily has spent much time traveling and broadening her education. She has received her California Teaching Credential, taken design classes at Columbia College in Chicago, and is in the process of receiving her completion papers in her New Mexico Master Gardner Class. Emily's various experiences and skills make her a versatile member of, all of which contribute to her abilities as a qualified set teacher for child actors of all ages.

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