Sunday, December 7, 2008

Welcome New Members Santa Fe Community College to

We've been watching Santa Fe Community College Media Arts department take a very pro-active approach to training the next Crew of New Mexico filmmakers. In fact, it was during an FTTP training class that the idea for was born, so this is all very full circle: we're extremely proud to welcome them as the newest members of the family.

Over the next months, you're going to start seeing ads and hearing much more about the impressive roster of film/media classes the College is offering. It's our goal to provide as much information to the New Mexico Film community so you know who and what training, resources, and goods are available to you as you plan/shoot/study here in NM, and we've got a lot to tell you about!

We'll be introducing you to instructors, and talking about classes. . . Associates in Film, Certificate in Film Crew, Film Directing Intensives, and much more. And, you never know, we may pop-up here and there to do a guest lecture.

Meantime, have a look at the College's website and look at some of the classes they have coming down the pike. Very impressed, and we're happy to be part of getting the word out.