Thursday, February 26, 2009

Acting Classes!

We'd like to get the word out on a series of great acting classes hosted by member Darlene Hansen! Tell her you heard about it on!

"On Thursdays, starting March 5th, Darlene Hansen is teaching acting classes. What she covers in that class is how to be comfortable with yourself and your talent; how to read a script well; how to audition for a movie or tv series; how to be comfortable with the camera. The class goes from 10-1pm. The cost is $50.00 per class or if you sign up for four classes that is reduced to $45.00 per class. Classes have to be paid in advance. Please call her her at (505) 268-0530 to reserve your spot.

Then on Sunday, March 1st, Darlene is teaching an advanced acting class. This class covers how to express yourself before and after auditions because this is usually the only time that you can show the director/producer who you are; how to express yourself to the other actors so they hear you and want to act with you; and how to open yourself up so that we can see all sides of you and all the possibilities and talents. This class goes from 3-6pm. It costs $50.00. Please call Darlene at (505) 268-0530 to reserve your spot. "