Tuesday, February 10, 2009

crewnewmexico.com Radio! Check it out! Enter Our Logo Contest!

crewnewmexico.com Radio! Listen in for a (almost daily) update on New Mexico Film Industry news, events, calls to action, weather, and interviews with crewnewmexico.com members and key industry professionals. You can download, stream, subscribe - whateva! Listen Here!

And don't forget, we're still hosting the crewnewmexico.com Podcast Radio We Need a Logo Contest! If you or someone you know is a talented graphic designer, submit your design, and win lots of fabulous prizes, unabashed adoration, and glory throughout the film world (no, seriously, you do win some good stuff).

Logo needs to use our "C" icon! All entries must be submitted by Feb 15th. Emails us at radio@crewnewmexico.com if you have any questions, or need a vector graphic.