Monday, February 2, 2009

In-Depth Analysis of the SAG-AMPTP Situation

Here's the most in-depth analysis that we've seen in a while regarding the SAG-AMPTP situation. It's consolidated, and informative. It also provides multiple links that provide information on the history of the current affairs. Quick summary is that SAG has diminshed a lot of its bargaining capacity, but all is not lost.

SAG-Studio Pregame Report

by Jonathan Handel

With kickoff in the SAG vs. studios matchup just a day away, what better time for a pre-game report? Let’s look at length, leverage, and deal points.

1. Length

The SAG negotiations are well beyond any OT contemplated by the NFL. That may be one factor that leads some people to assume the two-day meeting this Tuesday and Wednesday will result in an immediate deal. Not so fast, bucko. Union negotiations aren’t played according to sudden-death rules. The SAG negotiating team has an obligation to seek the best deal achievable, and I anticipate they’ll do so. That’s different from seeking the best deal imaginable, which seemed to be the previous SAG administration’s playbook, but it’s not the same thing as throwing in the towel.

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