Sunday, March 1, 2009

White Sands Film Fest Moves to Las Cruces

A fixture in Alamogordo for the last five years is moving to Las Cruces.

Well, sort of.

The 2009 version of the White Sands International Film Festival is "expanding" to Las Cruces, according to Kierstin Schupack, associate festival producer.

"Most of the screenings, workshops and panel discussions will be in Las Cruces," Schupack said Friday from her Los Angeles home.

She said because of the festival's previous success, it is expanding to Las Cruces, which has several venues from which to choose. Events will be hosted by the new Allen Theatres in Las Cruces, as well as New Mexico State University and Hotel Encanto de Las Cruces.

"Basically, the festival has grown and we needed more venues," Schupack said.

Alamogordo, she said, will host a joint opening night film event Thursday, April 23, at Allen Theatres.

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