Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Director McG Talks About Terminator Salvation

Sporting a dark purple suit at the press day for Terminator Salvation, director McG was so eager to talk to press about his latest project that he came in excitedly asking the room full of reporters what we all thought of the movie. As he sat down, the engaging director noticed a journalist wearing a T-shirt with an old record on it and started the interview on his own by talking about how he missed record stores and how that tied into the film.

"Hi guys, I have a Technics turntable. This film has a lot to do with progress and there's progress and de-progress, and I would consider the death of the record shop not progress. I'm not kidding. I love iTunes like the next guy, but I love sifting through the racks and finding records. I wanted the film, in fact, to feel very tactile, so we built everything and ultimately blew it up."

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