Friday, May 15, 2009

Team Joins the 48 Hour Film Project

We're thrilled to have signed up for the 48 Hour Film Project Albuquerque, and we plan to put together an extraordinary team for this year's event.

If you're not familiar with the Project, here's the summary. Make a movie. In 48 Hours. And have no idea beforehand what the movie is going to be about. Here's a link to the site to learn more.

It's an excellent opportunity for those new to film to get their toes wet, and for seasoned professionals to be involved in something fun, intense, and creative. We recommend getting involved if you're interested in film -- consider volunteering for a team.

We welcome your inquiries in advance, but our team is going to be composed only of the individuals and businesses that are listed on If you're a member of our directory, and want to get involved, drop us an email at (tho you'll be hearing from us shortly).

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