Monday, June 1, 2009

New Mexico Women in Film Event!

Event: Screening of Shirley Clarke's film "The Connection", followed by a Q&A with the filmmaker's daughter, Wendy Clarke
When: Saturday, June 27th
Time: 2-5 pm
Where: The Film Museum (formerly Jean Cocteau theater), 418 Montezuma Ave, Santa Fe 87501
Cost: Members FREE, Non-members $15.

Born in New York, Shirley Clarke (1919-1997) first started making films in the 1950’s. Many of her films were considered to be artistic breakthroughs, and Clarke was a major leader in the emergence of an American independent filmmaking movement in New York. She made low-budget black and white films that addressed relevant social issues. Clarke lectured frequently and spoke at theaters and museums.

"The Connection" is a 1961 black and white film directed by Shirley Clarke. The film is based on a play of the same name by Jack Gelber about heroin-addicted jazz musicians. Clarke’s editing style and cinematography lend a documentary-feel to the film, but it is actually carefully scripted. The film is one of the 100 Best Films in the National Film Archives and won the Critic's Award at Cannes in 1961.

Shirley's daughter, Wendy Clarke, is an artist and filmmaker and lives north of Taos in New Mexico. She will by present for a Q&A after the screening.