Monday, August 24, 2009

Southwest Sports Institute Helps Keep Hillary Swank Fit on "The Resident!

Southwest Sports Institute
in Albuquerque provides personal training and nutritional counseling for New Mexico film professionals. They recently were the trainers for Hillary Swank while she was in town shooting "The Resident." Here's a quick Q&A with SWSI owner Adam Halpern.

So, what was it like to be working with Hillary Swank?
It was a great experience. I've worked with Olympic and professional athletes but working with a 2 time Academy Award winner was a real honor.
What services did you provide for her?
SWSI provided performance training. I say "SWSI" because due to the production schedule I and another performance specialist, Adrian Gonzales, co-instructed her training program during her time in Albuquerque.

What other productions have you worked with?
We've worked with "The Spirit" and "Terminator Salvation"

What services do you provide to either individuals or productions?
We have a wide variety of services that we can offer productions of individual film pros. Our services include traditional one-on-one training and group classes with the most experienced and educated staff in the area.

Can you work with the set caterers or craft service departments to design healthy options for the cast and crew?
We can work with the production coordinator and caterers during pre-production to provide the cast and crew with nutritional meal plans that will provide optimal meals for individual health and appearance goals.

What other types of film professionals could either use your services or your facilities?
Due to our professional experience and education, we can work with all film professionals- from accountants, to grips, to stuntmen. Our athletic background helped us create the most unique training facility in the state. We have 6500 sq ft that includes showers, traditional free weights and athletic training equipment that provide every client with a very specific program to match their individual goal (i.e. likes to run, injury prevention for stuntmen).

Why should a pro or production use your services rather than bringing them in from LA?
SWSI brings the same professionalism and experience at a much lower price. The savings occur because we are local and don't require the additional travel and housing fees that out of state companies require.

Many people working on film sets gain weight. Got any quick fitness or nutrition tips for folks in the industry to stay healthy?
I'll give 2 quick tips: 1) Eat 6 small healthy meals a day- stay away from the sugary foods at the snack table. 2) Most of the day is spent sitting/standing around (either at a computer or on set). When you have a chance, get up and walk around the set or do something active either before, during lunch or after the work day- just 20 min a day can make a difference.