Monday, September 28, 2009

Albuquerque Studios Gets Into the Incentive Groove For Music & Sound

Albuquerque Studios and Los Angeles-based house Groove Addicts have entered into a strategic partnership whereby the latter's music catalog for film and TV productions can be accessed for projects being made in New Mexico, thus tapping into that state's 25 percent rebate incentive.

Uses for the catalog include temp tracks, background cues, songs, music supervision, trailer music or sound design for commercial TV or film projects. More than 40,000 music tracks will be available for immediate download and license from Groove Addicts' servers at Albuquerque Studios.

Groove Addicts produces a dozen catalogs in-house, in addition to handling many leading music catalogs from around the world. The company continues to expand its libraries' inventories for film, TV, radio, video, audio, video game and multimedia producers.

The deal between Albuquerque Studios and Groove Addicts brings music and sound into the incentives arena at an opportune time given the state of the economy, resulting in tighter budgets and increased cost consciousness.

"This is a perfect complement to our existing production services. It is an extreme value that is unique to New Mexico, and fits right in with our plan to extend the broad range of services that are available to Albuquerque Studios' clientele. We look forward to working with Groove Addicts' principal Dain Blair, and the creative energy his entire team brings to the table of the New Mexico film industry," said Albuquerque Studios' COO Smerigan.

Blair, who has been an integral part of the acquisitions and licensing of rights for projects involving artists such as, Madonna, U2, and The Police, and feature films such as Iron Man, No Country for Old Men, and I Am Legend, stated "I see this as a win/win/win situation for Albuquerque Studios, their clients, and Groove Addicts....adding a first-class music solution for their [Albuquerque Studios'] clients."