Thursday, September 10, 2009

Important - About the Upcoming Tax and Revenue Sessions and the NM Film Industry

Over the last day or so, some of you may have heard alarm bells ringing about legislative items that require your immediate support. We'd just like to help clarify that, in fact, all is well and well under control.

While it is true that Lisa Strout, director of the NM State Film Office will be speaking to the NM Tax and Revenue Committee in Cloudcroft next week, that in itself is no cause for alarm. In fact, the Film Office asked to speak to the committee in order to propose legislative items that would strengthen the long-term well-being of the industry in New Mexico. We're not in a defensive posture, and there's no need for a wide-spread action on your part. In fact, such a situation could prove detrimental.

There have been times in the recent past where the might of industry supporters was required, and it has been critical to our success. This is not one of those times.

The New Mexico Film Industry requires the impact and fortitude of its constituents for its continued well-being. However, knowing when to wield your might, and when to relax, is what separates a well oiled and effective constituency from a frenzied mass.

You can be sure you'll be called upon for your support when the time comes.

Best wishes for continued success,

Daniel Taras