Saturday, September 5, 2009

Interview with Jane Blume of Desert Sky Communications

Jane has been a publicist in New Mexico for 20 years, and knows how to navigate the local media, and how to help clients get their message out to their targeted industry.

Q: Tell us a little bit about Desert Sky Communications.

A: Desert Sky Communications is New Mexico Business Weekly's #12-ranked PR firm for this state. We provide a broad range of services to help our clients gain visibility and recognition for the great work that they do, and "get the right messages to the right audiences."

Q: There are a lot of new businesses opening in New Mexico hoping to capitalize on the film industry. What would be your advice to them as they enter the NM business world?

A: Understand your company's uniqueness -- what makes you different/uniquely qualified to do what you do? Become as visible as possible to your target audience and do a lot of networking (that's how business is done here). Don't perform services that you are not qualified to undertake - unless you disclose your lack of qualifications and agree to perform these services for a heavily discounted rate or free of charge. Under-promise and over-deliver.

Q: What services, then, could you provide to a production?

A: Media relations: news releases; feature story and interview ideas for the print and broadcast media; news conferences; crisis communications.

Q: How about film-supporting businesses or other New Mexico small businesses?

A: Media relations, including news releases, feature story and interview ideas for the print and broadcast media, news conferences and crisis communications. We also provide writing and editing services including news releases, brochures, company fact sheets, and websites. We assist with corporate identity (graphic design for logos, brochures, print ads, etc.), as well as broadcast and print advertising, customer surveys, photographic services, website maintenance and design and special events.

Q: You're extremely active in your community. What inspires you to be so involved?

A: I have always enjoyed giving back - I hope it will help make the community I'm living in a better place. There's a practical reason, as well: high visibility helps distinguish me and my company from the competition.

Q: You're also a past president of New Mexico Chapter of The Association for Women in Communications (AWC). Tell us a little about that group, and if you think there is crossover interest for film and media professionals.

A: AWC is a 100-year-old national professional association that supports the advancement of women in all communications fields; therefore, there is definitely a crossover interest for film and media professionals (and we welcome male members)! I have been president of AWC/NM twice: in 2007-08 and 1992-93. Our NM Chapter was probably the first professional group in the Albuquerque metro area (if not the state) to recognize the potential importance of the film industry here: we organized our first program on the subject in our 2002-03 program year.

Q: How has the character or business climate of Albuquerque changed as a result of the film industry?

A: The business community is becoming more diverse. This is important, because government has traditonally been the biggest employer.

Q: You’re also very generous! You’ve made quite a nice gesture to the members of

A: Absolutely. I am happy to provide a free consultation (of up to one hour) to any member of before November 15, 2009. Email or call (505) 294-1976.