Thursday, October 15, 2009

Casting Call for Passion Play

Paid EXTRAS for the feature film "Passion Play" starring Megan Fox & Mickey Rourke to be filmed in the SANTE FE/ALBUQUERQUE, NM areas from 11/2/09-12/15/09.

We will be looking for ALL types, ALL ages of local Santa Fe/Albuquerque area talent to work on this project. NO PREVIOUS EXPERIENCE REQUIRED!!!

Some specific types of Featured Extras we will need include:
  • -Midwestern whitebread family (mom with 2 kids)
  • -Tiny Jewish comics (male, 50+ years old, jewish or jewish looking)
  • -Tarahumara Indians (REAL preferred, but can use dark skinned Native Americans)
  • -Rural Mexican Farmers/Mexican Cowboys (weathered character faces)
  • -Rural Mexican Families
  • -Rough Looking Bikers
  • -African American Male Bodyguards (huge guys)
  • -Sailors and other Soldier types with military haircuts
  • -Disfigured men & women (facial disfuration, burn victims & upper limb amputees)
  • -Circus Sideshow types (Fat Lady, Bearded Lady, Snake Charmer, Sword Swallower, etc. - Specifically need a Female with experience handling aggressive snakes)
  • -Carnies and odd circus "freaks"
  • -Businessmen with suits
  • -Strippers/Burlesque Dancers (please specify willingness to do nudity)
  • -Seedy Character types (extreme interesting character faces, all ages)
  • -"smoking hot" MODELS
  • -Chinese Waitresses
  • -Homeless types
  • -Pawn Shop Owner: male, caucasian, Jewish looking, 45-65 years old, kind of sleazy, would love to have someone hairy
  • -Starlets & beautiful ladies
  • -Wealthy "Old Money" Aristocrats (men & women - ages 40+)
  • -Power Broker Men and their Upscale Wives
  • -African American Waiters
  • -"Giant" men: not bouncer big, more like Ron Perlman or Richard Kiel types. Giants without having to be giants.
  • -Male Little Person (4'10" or shorter) willing to wear a diaper to play Cupid
  • -Fat Sweaty Man in his 40s-50s
  • -Standins/Photos Doubles for Megan Fox: female, 5'3"-5'5", thin, caucasian, dark brown or black hair, age range 18-30, attractive
  • -Standins/Photos Doubles for Mickey Rourke: male, 5'10"-6'0", average build, caucasian, blondish/brown hair
  • -Standins/Photos Doubles for Kelly Lynch: female, 5'9"-5'10", thin, caucasian, long blonde hair, age range 18-45, attractive
  • -(2) different JAZZ Quartets (REAL Musicians to include drums, upright bass, keyboard, trumpet and/or saxophone)
  • -African American jazz quartet - acoustic, bluesy, soft, sultry jazz group to include drums, upright bass, keyboard, saxophone
  • -Symphony Strinq Quartet - to include (2) violinists, viola, cello (prefer group who plays together regularly and doesn't need a conductor)

Plus many other General Extra roles. All Extra roles are PAID. Rate TBD.

In order to be considered for EXTRA work, you will need to be in the casting agency database at Please make sure to upload 1-2 photos to your talent profile. It is FREE to be in our talent files. Paid upgrades not required.

*NEW MEXICO Residents ONLY! We will NOT pay for your travel/accomodations to/in Santa Fe/Albuquerque.

If you have further questions - you can reach us via email at: If you are already in our database, please DO NOT email us to express interest in this project. You automatically be considered just by being in our database, just make sure your contact numbers are up to date.

We will NOT be handling the principal (speaking role) casting for this project.