Thursday, October 8, 2009

Indiefest Call for Entries!

Deadline: October 30, 2009
The Indie Fest is an independent, top-tier international film awards competition. Our goal is to help independent filmmakers gain publicity and, when appropriate, exposure to distributors.

The Indie Fest is unique; it's an awards competition, not a traditional film festival. Winners receive publicity as we broadcast the list of winners via press releases and to our email database of more than 27,000 filmmakers and industry insiders. Winning an Indie will help you get noticed.

Entries are judged against high standards of excellence and against each other. The Indie Fest provides an equal chance of winning for all entrants, regardless of size and budget. Entries are judged on quality of craft and creativity. The Indie Fest is a showcase for cinematic gems and unique voices.

There are three levels of awards: Best of Show, Award of Excellence and Award of Merit. No more than 15% of entries will be granted Awards of Excellence. Best of Show will only be granted if unique films are discovered. In fact, there is no requirement that any Best of Show awards be given. Notable artistic and technical productions that exceed industry standards are recognized at the Award of Merit level.

Judging is a three phase process. Like most traditional festivals, the first round of judging takes place internally and is a screening to find those productions that have outstanding craft, i.e., cinematography/videography, sound, editing, etc. Many films wash-out during phase. Those productions that survive are evaluated to find the films that excel at storytelling, entertainment and communication. Entries judged to be potential Best of Show winners may be sent to outside judges for additional review. Judging standards are high and selective.

Please take a look at the Indie Fest website,, so you'll better understand the Competition. On the website you'll find lots of original content of interest to independent filmmakers including articles about indie-friendly distributors.

Go to for rules and entry form.