Monday, October 5, 2009

motion09 This Week in Albuquerque!

Top talent from the motion picture industry will be in Albuquerque to speak at motion09.

DESCRIPTION: Creatives are fueled by a mysterious force that inspires great ideas, fresh new ways of seeing the world, and the courage to do things differently. All too often, this expressive force is zapped by the demands of the industry. Revitalizing these creative talents provides a renewed sense of being and the spark to stimulate the imagination.
motion09 is an event that inspires creativity. Once a year, animators, motion graphic artists, title designers, VFX artists and broadcast designers come together to share their skills, work, and professional insights at this unique summit. Industry professionals and students spend four days together in a collaborative environment designed for experiencing and participating in the creative process.

- Karin Fong (Imaginary Forces)
- Andrew Orloff (Zoic)
- Rachel Nicoll (Sony Pictures Imageworks)
- Rod Basham (Imaginary Forces)
- Synderela Peng (yU+co.)
- Michael Waldron (nailgun*)
- Igor Choromanski (Sony Pictures Imageworks)
- William Lebeda (Picture Mill)
- Eric van der Wilden (nailgun*)
- Patrick McDonough (PMcD Design)
- Jamie Caliri (Emmy award winning director)
- Mark Coleran (Bourne Ultimatum, Mission Impossible III)
- Dan Haskett (veteran Disney animator)

Special guests have all worked on major motion pictures and many are Emmy and Academy award winning creatives.

DATES: October 11-14, 2009

LOCATION: Albuquerque Doubletree - Downtown ABQ

motion09 includes keynotes, panels, general sessions and special events, all related to the motion picture industry. Specific topics include visual effects, motion graphics, animation, title design, broadcast design, motion picture trailer design and sound design.

Sunday, October 11, 2009. We will host a special event honoring all motion09 speakers who have worked on major motion pictures in New Mexico. This year's honorees include:
- Patrick McDonough of PMcD Design for the television series, Crash
- Karin Fong of Imaginary Forces for Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen and Terminator Salvation
- Rod Basham of Imaginary Forces for Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen and Terminator Salvation
- Synderela Peng of yU+co. for Gamer and Suspect Zero
- Andrew Orloff for Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles
- William Lebeda and Bryan Thombs of Picture Mill for Men Who Stare At Goats; The Astronaut Farmer, and BorderTown