Friday, November 13, 2009

Synapse to Screen 1.0 Conference 2009 Seeks Panelists

The Synapse to Screen 1.0 Conference is a two-day event to be held on December 3rd and 4th, 2009, in association with the 10th Annual Santa Fe Film Festival (SFFF). Covering all things Pre-production in the making of movies, with panels, demonstrations, and lectures, including techniques and modern tools used in brainstorming & mind-mapping, outlining, plot & character development, screenwriting, story-boarding, budgeting, production reports, and scheduling a movie.

This will be a live event with audience interaction, and also streamed on the Internet to a select audience. The first day, Dec. 3rd, will deal with the writer oriented aspects of pre-production, and the second day, Dec. 4th, will address the aspects more related to taking the script from page to screen. The focus of S2S1.0 is the tools and their use, not the concepts of story, screenwriting, etc., per se. I would like to emphasize that the first day's sessions will be beneficial to all writers, not just screenwriters.

We are seeking panelists, demonstrations, advertisers, sponsors, software packages for raffles, and other ideas that might suit you. In addition, we are putting together a prize package for the winner of the SFFF "New Face in Cinema" award to be given at the SFFF Awards Ceremony and would like your input on that. I believe this is an opportunity to present your talents, product(s) and insight to a focused audience and show how their future projects can be better, more efficient, more entertaining and less expensive. Beyond the actual S2S1.0 event, attending the SFFF and mingling with the hundreds of moviemakers is an opportunity to make connections and introduce yourself to new people. Also, if you know of anyone who might fit our mission with this event, please have them contact us, or pass their information along to us at SFMUG is a 501c-3.

If you're interested in attending the S2S1.0 event, in person or via the live video stream, and learn what's new in pre-production, please send an email to and we will let you know how to reserve your space or how to access the live Internet stream of all the S2S1.0 Conference sessions.