Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Site Vistor Map for 12.9.09!

We love to watch the daily updates on who's visiting our site, and from where. It's a confirmation of the power of web-based directories, the reputation of New Mexico as a film destination, and the effectiveness of helping our cast, crew, and vendors get the widest possible exposure.

The film industry is now, more than ever, extremely transient, and goods and services are being sought, and sourced, from every corner you can imagine. Just today we've had searches from Michigan, Louisiana, Connecticut, Texas, California, Kansas, Ohio, and several from the UK.

And what were the searching for? Actors, grips, craft service equipment, furnished rentals, production lodging, rolling caterers, post-production resources, and a lot more. Some things they're looking for for productions in New Mexico, and others they're sourcing because they're in need of your services in other production-heavy states. If you're in the NM film biz, and you're not listed in crewnewmexico.com, you're not on the map.

Click the map for an enlarged image!