Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Director Matt Reeves Talks About "Let Me In" - Filmed in New Mexico

MTV2 Interview:

Matt Reeves knows he has a target on his back. The director admits as much roughly two minutes into a conversation about his upcoming film, "Let Me In." That's what happens when your movie: A) takes on the pop-cultural theme-du-jour of vampires, and B) remakes a beloved flick that pretty much everyone agrees is as perfect as genre filmmaking gets.

After helming the inventive disaster adventure "Cloverfield," Reeves built up the Hollywood cred to buy himself some breathing room for his tale of childhood alienation, improbable yet vital friendship and, yup, the bloodsucking undead. Based on a 2008 Swedish film, Reeves' adaptation (due in October) shifts the story to the bleak winter landscape of New Mexico but maintains the original's horror-genre elements. We're so pumped about the film's potential that we've tagged Reeves as one of our 10 to Watch in 2010 — the folks in the movie industry we expect big things from in the next 12 months.

During some downtime on set, Reeves gave MTV News a call to talk about reworking a cult classic, contending with other vampire franchises and what's coming down the line this year and beyond for the director.

MTV: Is "Let Me In" a remake or a reimagining? What are you keeping from the original and what are you changing?

Matt Reeves: It's very much an Americanization of the tale that John Ajvide Lindqvist tells. The film touched me. And I read the book, which he also wrote, and it moved me too. It reminded me so much of my own childhood in certain ways. It's so much about that period of preadolescence, that feeling of being a child and of being bullied, the difficulties of growing up. It's such a beautiful coming-of-age story, in addition to being such a terrific genre story. One of the things I really wanted to do was find my own way into the story while still being very, very reverent to the beautiful film and to the wonderful story that they created. And so the story in many ways follows the same trajectory. I really wanted to put you, even more so, into the point of view of the boy and understand his childhood as vividly as it comes across in the book.

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