Tuesday, February 16, 2010


The New Mexico film incentives are not out of the woods, and you need to act now.

A Special Session of the Legislature is scheduled to start on Monday. There are at least two Legislators who are actively urging cuts to the incentives - and many others we'd like to reach out to as well.

Some of their key arguments: "Well, we've got a $100 million budget gap, and the incentives paid out $100 million last year, so let's cut the film program and that will even things out." It's just not that simple. $100 million out is a result of over $400 million in direct production spending in New Mexico.

All agree that these are lean times, and we need to work together to support the economy of the State. We in the film industry, and thousands more outside of it, know that film is an incredibly dynamic, profitable, and fiscally sound element of the New Mexico economy.

All of us need to quantify, in personal and economic terms, how film benefits our lives, and communicate that message - right now. It's our job to help clear the air, provide some facts, and demonstrate with total clarity that film works for New Mexico.

The form letter below is just a suggestion for those short on time. We urge you to pen your own. Use facts, use numbers, and show that it is the voters of this state - in and out of the film world - who want to keep the film incentives intact. Feel free to CC us on your email, as many of you often do. We also encourage you to contact their offices directly via phone.

We are a well organized, active and informed constituency. It's time to put that to work. By educating our elected officials and fellow residents, we help to secure our livelihood and continue to grow a key part of New Mexico's economy. And that's a win-win situation by any measure.

Act now.

Best wishes,

Daniel Taras
(505) 930-0443


I am a New Mexico resident employed in the film industry, and I ask for your support in opposing any attempts to cap or cut the incentive program. Film is an integral and important part of the New Mexico economy, and my livelihood.

While I understand there are difficult budget decisions to be made this session, the film program has proven time and again to be a successful economic engine in New Mexico. Tinkering with the incentive program would be a major blow to an industry that employs thousands, myself included.

I would like to ask that you please evaluate the significant impact your position would have on one of New Mexico's most productive and economically viable industries, and help maintain what makes up a core element of my life.


Click here for a link to find your own legislators.


Steve Fischmann
NM Senator District 37
PO Box 2580
Mesilla Park, NM 88047
Capitol Phone: (505) 986-4377
Office Phone: (575) 635-9582
Email: steve@stevefischmann.com


Rep. Joseph Cervantes
2610 South Espina
Las Cruces, NM 88001
Capitol Phone: (505) 986-4249
Office Phone: (575) 526-5600
Email: cervanteslaw@zianet.com

And both in one swoop - just cut and paste: steve@stevefischmann.com, cervanteslaw@zianet.com