Monday, June 7, 2010

Ocean Inspiration Now Seeking Submissions!

Jacques Cousteau was an ocean pioneer. He inspired people around the globe through his explorations, bringing the underwater world to our homes. A devout marine conservationist, he long ago warned of the coming issues our oceans would face.

Around the world stories are told of growing up with Cousteau. His stories, TV shows, and written words are a part of all of us. His legacy and work have formed a collective heritage that we all share. It is through each of us that it will live on.

In honor of Cousteau’s century of influence, we are hosting a call for short video tributes. We seek video submissions 100-seconds in length, one second for each of the years since his birth. Be creative. Your 100-second video can be humorous or serious, poetic spoken word or a creative animation, underwater or above. Each 100-second video must be an original piece and a genuine reflection of how Cousteau has inspired you.

A total of 20 selections will be chosen by a film jury and woven into a video collage to premiere at the Ocean Inspiration event this fall 2010 in New York. The top winner will be flown to New York to attend this historical event.

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