Thursday, September 23, 2010

LA - New Mexico Casting Connection Workshop with Nancy Klopper, CSA!

Nancy Klopper is one of the most successful, knowledgeable, and actor friendly casting directors in the business - and she's hosting a workshop in New Mexico October 9th and 10th! Don't Miss out!

With an incredible roster of casting credits including RISKY BUSINESS, LOVE RANCH, FANTASTIC FOUR, RAY, PROOF OF LIFE, OFFICE SPACE, THE DEVIL'S ADVOCATE, DOLORES CLAIBORNE, THE RIVER WILD, AGAINST ALL ODDS, this one-day auditioning and training class will help you learn the skills you need to "Get the job!"

You may have had the opportunity to meet Nancy during casting for LOVE RANCH, but here is your chance to really get to know her and directly benefit from her years of experience working with actors.

This is an extraordinary opportunity to work with and learn from someone with an unsurpassed understanding of the audition process.

Don't miss this very special event. Space is extremely limited. Register for your Saturday or Sunday workshop now! Call (713) 201-1245 or email

When: Saturday or Sunday, Oct. 9 or 10 10am-5pm (Choose your day!)
Where: Spirit Production Studios 10 Rudy Rodriguez Drive Santa Fe, NM 87508
Cost: $160!

Payment: By credit card via PayPal, or check to made out and mailed to: The Natural Act 53 Sandia Haven Dr Cedar Crest, NM 87008
Contact: For more information, questions or to register, contact Price Hall at (713) 201-1245, or via email at