Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Shoot Colorado Launches Their First Newsletter

Our Shoot Colorado film partners have just launched their first newsletter - the Shoot Colorado News!

Shoot was founded by Daniel Taras, who also started Crew New Mexico! Pay attention to our industry friends one state north - great things are happening there!

"Dear Filmmaker,

There's no place in the world like Colorado, so I built a film guide like no other - Shoot Colorado, a 100-page, town-by-town profile of an entire state prepared especially for the production industry.

The vision for Shoot Colorado is to help attract more features, commercials, documentaries, reality, TV, outdoor and photo shoots to our state. The method is to insure productions know the depth of our locations and resources and to make Shoot a principal asset for the film community. 

New towns are joining the site every week, I keep an active blog and have busy Facebook and Twitter accounts. I've also just launched what will be the most extensive Colorado Film Locations Database available - it's brand new, watch it grow! Plus, I've got a mailing list of many thousands of contacts in Colorado, New Mexico, LA and beyond who will be hearing about the exciting develpments in our industry.

It's also my pleasure to facilitate business with "shout-outs" and ads for Colorado companies such as entertainment lawyers and newsletter sponsors Replin Rhoades & Ratner and "Featured Filmmaker of the Month" Henry McComas and Crooked Lake Productions. But most of all it's been a great honor to work with the Office of Film Television and Media to bring you Shoot Colorado and they deserve the biggest shout-out of all!
Now that Shoot is fully launched, I'm spending a busy summer doing a "film tour" of Colorado to meet and catalog incredible filmmakers, crew and production vendors. It's been a pleasure to help connect the dots between them and see a more interactive industry. Great things are already happening in several communities, and for Shoot Colorado. I look forward to sharing the news with you in the coming months.

Congratulations on your efforts toward the new film incentive program. I look forward to seeing one of the world's most lucrative and creative industries return to the Colorado economy. 

Best wishes, and be in touch.
Daniel Taras
Founder, Shoot Colorado
an iFilm Colorado Production
(303) 668-4366
Send an Email"