Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Curious About Joining crewnewmexico.com?

Curious if you or your business would make a good fit for our directory? Want to learn more about why crewnewmexico.com is far and away the best way to get exposure in the New Mexico film industry? Give us a call or send an email any time.

Why settle for a simple (boring, hard to find, and you have to email the state every time you want to change a single thing) text listing on the state directory when you can get an entire personalized website within the crewnewmexico.com network just for you. You can feature photos, bio, film credits, general resumes, demo reels, and all your contact details -- and you get to manage the entire page on your own, 24/7 with a simple log-in account.

Update your credits in real time. Change your photos 10x a day. Use your crewnewmexico.com web address to promote yourself - link to it from your Facebook or MySpace page. Put it on your email signature or business cards. Here's an example - click this link: crewnewmexico.com/vintagemovieposters. If you send this link in an email, its hot, its clickable, it can be sent along with a job application or proposal.

We've designed our system so that you productions and fellow industry people can find you fast - and learn all about you through our search interface And, we've set it up so that you can advertise your own webpage far and wide. It allows productions to find you and contact you directly, without going through any filters. We blog about you. We get your page indexed in google.

Try this: Do a google search for Ross Nederhoff. Or Jennifer Ann Henry. See where they land in search results? #1 or #2 Spot. Try doing that yourself! We get you exposure!

There's no film industry system in the world that compares to crewnewmexico.com. We'd love to tell you more, so contact us any time. (866) 986-8884, or membership@crewnewmexico.com.