Tuesday, October 7, 2008

New Technological Advancement at crewnewmexico.com

We're thrilled to let everyone know that our site users will now be able to search for everything they need on much of the crewnewmexico.com site by Keyword!!! Previously, everything was only searchable by dropdown lists that were a bit hard to navigate because, quite simply, there's a lot of things to look for in the film industry.

So, starting today, in the Production Support search section of the site, you'll see that you can now search using an intuitive typing tool that brings up your options as your type letters into the search field. Now, as we're still a little bit new, and because there's over 500 categories, you may find that you get "null" results, ie, we don't have anyone in that category, but we're adding people every day and are on target to have over 1,000 people and businesses listed within 1 year of our launch. (know someone who should be in one of our categories? Let us know - we'll give you a special gift for referring a new member!)

That's why we've implemented another genious (sp?) thing: the "Search all results in this search category" function, which allows you to see every single person or business in a category. Simply go to a search page, click that button, and you'll see all the listings in that category. Great for browsing and getting to know who does what. You'll notice that the same person or category may be listed more than 1 time. That's because the members of our Support and Crew categories can be listed in up to 6 specialties, and you get to see them all.

We're going to be implementing the same Keyword serach tech for the Crew search, and for Film Locations search areas of the site within days so, again, you'll just pop in some words and the search will be a lot more intuitive. Both our advertisers and users will be happy with our new changes.

And, hey, we're an open book. If you have an idea of something you'd like to see on crewnewmexico.com, or some way we can make our site more powerful or useful - let us know. We're friendly. (866) 986-8884, or info@crewnewmexico.com.