Sunday, January 25, 2009 Radio!

Interviews, information and fun from the heart of the New Mexico film industry.

We've launched (just barely) our Podcast Page - CREWNEWMEXICO.COM RADIO! And then our mic broke, so hang tight for more!

We've only got 1 podcast, and 1 tune live right now, but be sure to check back frequently or subscribe to our Podcast. We'll be featuring interviews with our members, and providing information about the New Mexico Film Industry. Our goal? To support our members in getting the word out on who they are and what they do, facilitate commerce between members and productions, and to keep the film community, and local community, aware of what's happening in the world of New Mexico film.

You know what's super cool? All our members will have their very own Podcast that they can spread around, share, and if its not too goofy, send to potential employers or clients. Members who would like to be interviewed and broadcast live and unedited to the entire universe, please contact us at