Monday, January 26, 2009

Design Our Radio Logo - and Win a Free Year on

We're just starting our Podcast Radio network, and we need a logo! So, we're launching the Podcast Radio Network We Need A Cool Logo Now Contest!

Our logo needs to incorporate the image you see to the right -- and have something to do with radio - but we're open to all kinds of creative license. Think film, radio, fun, cool. You know, that kind of thing. ie logo at right with headphones and shades, etc. (is that cool or cliche? Don't know - that's where you come in!)

The winner will receive a Premium profile page on, including 10 photos and being listed in 2 categories, a free 1 month banner ad, glory and fame and a full explanation of who you are and what you do right here in the blog, and will also be a featured interview on our new Podcast radio network that will at that point have an amazing new logo which you'll be able to talk about.

Submit all entries by February 15th, to Please send as 72 dpi jpg. Email us if questions.