Thursday, March 5, 2009

The Latest from

We're glad to have so many new visitors from our cover story on the New Mexico Business Weekly. We appreciate all of your inquiries, and we're looking forward to welcoming all of you to in the following weeks. Meantime, here's just a few highlights of what's new on
  • We have nearly 6,000 unique visitors to our site per month.
  • Our Podcast Radio interviews and news reports are streamed by listeners far and wide every day!
  • We now have nearly 300 members in our directory.
  • We welcome crew and vendors whether they are affiliated with a union or not. Many of our members are local union affiliates (about 75 of you), however many work in unrelated support businesses or crafts. We offer occasional discounts to union members - inquire within!
  • Our crew skill list is over 150 skills long, and we support listings for over 500 business types!
  • We're working with local chambers of commerce and business support groups to increase vendor awareness about the film industry, and to promote your local film region/locations.
  • We support the local economy. In fact, our partnership with the Santa Fe Alliance added nearly 30 small Santa Fe businesses to our directory just last month.
  • Our New Mexico film forum and discussion board is only 5 weeks old, but already has nearly 100 members and lots of postings. Create an account and contribute!
  • We're flexible - do you have a skill or business type that you don't see available on our site? Don't worry - contact us and we'll add it for you!
  • Do you have a large group of individuals or businesses you'd like to list in our directory? Interested in learning how we can help highlight your economic region and businesses in your area? Simply contact us at!