Saturday, April 4, 2009

Great News (for us) - Article on the BBC

The New Mexico film industry is not just a local phenomenon. We're known around the world as a film "hotspot," and we continue on as one of the state's fastest growing industries. Read on.

Los Angeles, the self-proclaimed movie capital of the world, is facing its biggest crisis in the history of film-making .

Hollywood is being snubbed by its own creative talent. There is something of a stampede by the entertainment industry to get out of town.

Long before the global economic downturn kicked in, film-makers were upping sticks and leaving Los Angeles for more cost-effective locations to shoot their movies.

Canada was one of the first countries to benefit from Hollywood's so-called runaway productions, but now the competition is closer to home.

More than 40 US states are offering film-makers tantalising financial incentives, such as rebates and tax-free loans, to make the next blockbuster in their backyard.

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