Wednesday, April 7, 2010 for Film Crew, 480, and 399? Absolutely, and Here's Why

No matter if you're listed on the 480 or Film Office website getting a CREW listing on is a solid step. Here's why:
  • You get an entire movie profile page, just like this.
  • Your page gets its own web address: ie - so you have a fully functional web address you can add to business cards, your email signature, Facebook page, and more.
  • Anyone can view our site - and your credits - 24/7. The union website is password protected.
  • You can add/edit your credits and manage your page 24/7! Just login!
  • You can email your film credits direct from your crew account.
  • We'll work with you directly to help you get your talents and skills recognized.
  • We're the most searched directory for New Mexico film, with over 10,000 visitors/mo.
  • New Mexico has some of the top crew in the country, and we're searched by productions far and wide looking for talented crew.
  • You may be listed in IMDB, but that does you no good for people looking for New Mexico crew.
  • We'll introduce you and give a great shout out to you in our New Mexico Movie News, sent out to over 11,000 film professionals.
  • We sponsor film events all over the state to make sure that our company, and our members, are always at top of mind for film professionals looking for services. You invest in us, and we invest in you!
  • We submit your profile page to google search, so you'll start to appear in the top level of google results when your name is searched.
  • Discounts! We often arrange for discounted ticket prices for our members for film festivals, events, and more.
  • We blast our your career highlights to our nearly 2,000 Facebook followers.
Listing with us is quick, easy, effective, and the leading way to keep yourself on industry radar. Contact us at, or call (505) 930-0443 to register today.