Thursday, April 22, 2010

Amazing Animal Productions and Animal Actors Worldwide Join The New Mexico Film Directory on!

The world's largest providers of Movie, TV, and Commercial Animals - now with a New Mexico Office!

Amazing Animal Productions and Animal Actors Worldwide have over 35 years of providing affection-trained exotic and domestic animals to the Television/Motion Picture industry.

Experts in Script Breakdown, Budgeting and Coordinating the Animal Work for any size feature.

Their New Mexico credits include: 2010 - THE BOOK OF ELI - starring Denzel Washington; 2010 - THE SPY NEXT DOOR - starring Jackie Chan; 2009 - YEAR ONE - starring Jack Black; 2008 - BURNING PLAIN - starring Cherlize Theron. Both companies are fully licensed and insured - boast perfect records with American Humane - and are fully rebate-able!

For more information call: (877) 254-8585 or visit their websites:
Amazing Animal Productions:
Animal Actors Worldwide