Sunday, December 20, 2009

New Mexico Movie News #3 - Letter from the Editor

Welcome to the 3rd edition of
The New Mexico Movie News by!

It's a pleasure to wrap up another year in the New Mexico film industry with the third edition of The Movie News, and warm wishes for a great New Year!

New Mexico remains ranked one of the top places to film thanks to our amazing and varied locations, deep and talented crew base, favorable climate, proximity to LA, and large number of film-supporting businesses. Even though it's been an unpredictable year across the industry, we've still hosted 42 productions in our beautiful state and seen some major talent and great productions, including some that are now gaining attention at the Golden Globes and, probably, the Oscars.

That being said, the last 365 days have been quite a ride for many. Production financing took a big hit, and things were slower than usual across the industry. Yet Hollywood had a record-breaking year at the box office and financing is moving forward once again. Section 181 may also be renewed for another year, which would keep investment in film a very attractive option, and continue to prevent runaway production overseas.

The past year saw several more states (and countries) offering or improving their film incentives. From Capetown to South Korea, North Carolina to Kentucky, the economic and physical landscape of how and where movies are made is changing.

Some new film programs sprout fast and high but crash hard (Iowa), some are too small to spur much activity (Oklahoma), others give away the farm to make things grow (Michigan), while others try to regain what they've lost (California, Canada). Yet New Mexico still has the most successful, straightforward, and sustainable film program in the nation.

But the growth of film in New Mexico can't just be reliant on state incentives. It is the private sector that builds the infrastructure and provides the support services that make the industry tick. One such company is the sponsor of this edition of The Movie News, New Mexico Lighting and Grip Company - a keystone operation that lights and equips many of our most successful productions, and is positive symbol of the state of New Mexico film.

In just the last year, alone has grown by nearly 500 cast, crew, and vendors, our site traffic has increased ten-fold, and our visibility has gone from strictly local to worldwide.

We've served multiple productions, sponsored festivals, hosted mixers, launched The News, consulted for emerging film markets, been on the cover of the New Mexico Business Weekly, and grown from a start-up to one of the most recognizable companies in the NM film industry.

Our growth is a reflection of the strength of our industry, and we owe our success to those that we serve. We offer a big thanks to our member-advertisers, sponsors, and the greater film and business community. We look forward to working with many of you in the year to come, and have lots of great things in store.
We are here to support your production, business, or career, so contact us at any time.

Happy Holidays!

Daniel Taras, Founder
(505) 930-0443