Sunday, December 20, 2009

Vintage Movie Posters - New Mexico Film Vendor

Vintage Movie Posters!
The Rosenberg Collection

butch cassidy poster

Especially as we get closer to the holidays, we wanted to give a special shout out to Marty Rosenberg and the Vintage Poster Gallery on Canyon Road in Santa Fe. Not only because his historic movie posters make great gifts but because his collection is a brilliant and unique part of film history that all film lovers should see. Plus every set decorator should see these up close and personal.

The Rosenberg Collection features over 8,000 different vintage movie posters, many of them extremely rare. Works include posters for Citizen Kane, Midnight Cowboy, and Grand Hotel from the U.S. and international greats such as Belle d'Jour, Seventh Samurai, and Juliet of the Spirits (Fellini).

Posters from this collection are owned by Robert DeNiro, the Altman estate, Kathy Baker, Gene Hackman, Ali Macgraw, Kirk Ellis and countless people in movie making and production.

For details call Marty Rosenberg at 505 577-7419, visit the gallery at 901 Canyon Road, Santa Fe.

Most of the world's greatest films have been shown in Poland, with Poland's leading artists producing the related movie posters. From 1945 thru the 1980s, these posters won international acclaim. With their powerful and unique style, Polish film posters have gained worldwide recognition as fine art.

rocky 2 de niro